Organisational strategies and teaching techniques used in the classroom will range from whole class teaching to group and individual work depending on the activity the children are doing.  Children are tested towards the end of their second year of following the National Curriculum and again during their sixth year to assess their progress through Key Stages 1 and 2  respectively.

The organisation of the school is structured to provide an effective education for each child within a framework of broad opportunities and through individual care. The children are taught in one of seven mixed ability classes with their own class teacher, who has responsibility for their education and personal and social welfare.

The curriculum offered to all children comprises core subjects and foundation subjects. The core subjects are English, maths, science and RE. The foundation subjects are history, geography, art, music, computing, modern foreign languages (years 3 to 6), PSHE, PE and technology.

In order to ensure in-depth learning opportunities theme days and theme weeks have been planned into the yearly timetable. Theme days are determined according to current events and multicultural festivals and celebrations.

Our curriculum in years 1 to 6 is based on the skills and knowledge in The Essentials curriculum.

We used a structured, systematic programme to teach phonics and reading in the reception class, year 1 and year 2 - it is called Optima Reading.

Year 1

Year plan
Year 2

Curriculum Plan

Year 3

Curriculum Plan

Year 4

Curriculum Plan

Year 5

Plan A

Plan B

In years 1 to 6 we teach the topics on a two year rolling programme.  We are currently teaching Year A.