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Governors At Springhead Primary School

All schools are required by law to form a Governing Body.

All governance boards have three core functions

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • Holding executive leaders to account for the educational performance of the organisation and its pupils, and the effective and efficient performance management of staff
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the organisation and making sure its money is well spent

 At Springhead we have a supportive and active Governing Body that provide and use their expertise to help and manage the school.  The Chair of Governors can be contacted through the school office.

To watch a short YouTube video on the role of a school governor, click here.

The names of our governors are listed below.



Mr J Pye


Mrs S Honeysett


Mrs J Rezzano

Co-opted Governor

Mr B Anderson


Mrs H Edwards

Teacher Representative

Mrs S Woodcock

Co-opted Governor

Mrs C Ellerton


Mr D Bloor

Co-opted Governor

Mrs C Neeson

Parent Governor

Miss E Kelly

Parent Governor

Mr T Barnes


Mrs C Butters

Local Authority Governor


How do governors carry out their roles at Springhead?

  • The full board of governors hold two evening meetings each term. At these meetings governors cover a wide number of areas including,
  1.  Hearing reports from the head and staff
  2.  Reflecting on the work of the school and progress of all the groups of pupils
  3.  Discussing the curriculum opportunities provided for pupils
  4. Agreeing school development plans
  5. Identifying a school vision and evaluating progress towards achieving it.

At Springhead Primary we value the experience that Governors bring to the life of the school and Governors visits are always welcomed. 

Governors may also be subject link governors or class link governors.  The Governors are not expected to be experts in their link areas but to take an active interest and keep themselves informed.  

Governor Committees:

Strategic Committee (including performance management)

Mr J. Pye (Chair)
Mrs C. Ellerton
Mr T. Barnes
Mr B. Anderson

Finance and Premises Committee

Mr T. Barnes (Chair)
Mrs C Ellerton
Mr J Pye
Mrs S Woodcock
Mr B. Anderson 

Class Link Governors:
Nursery - Mr D. Bloor
Reception - Mrs J. Rezzano
Year 1 - Mr J. Pye
Year 2 - Miss E. Kelly
Year 3 - Mrs S. Honeysett
Year 4 - Mr T. Barnes
Year 5 - Mrs C. Neeson
Year 6 - Mrs C. Butters
Other link governors:
Safeguarding - Mrs C. Ellerton
Special Needs - Mrs J. Rezzano
Health and Safety  - Mr T. Barnes
Pupil Progress / Pupil Premium - Mr J Pye / Mrs C. Ellerton
English - Mrs J. Rezzano
Mathematics - Mrs S. Honeysett


Engaging with the school community and beyond

In addition to the governor roles identified above, it is the aim of the board of governors to reach out  and seek opportunities to engage with,

  • Pupils and all staff within school
  • Parents
  • The wider local community.

Click here for a governors attendance register.

Click here for the latest governor's newsletter.

Governors pecunary interests declared:

Mr B. Anderson - members of Governing Bodies at other Staffordshire Schools.  Mr. B. Anderson - married to a member of the school's teaching staff. Mrs S. Woodcock - son employed by the school.

Mr J Pye Chair 31st August 2023
Mrs S Honeysett Co-opted Governor 31st August 2023
Mrs J Rezzano Co-opted 30th October 2024
Mr B Anderson Headteacher
Mrs H Edwards Staff Representative 20th October 2023
Mrs S Woodcock Co-opted 31st August 2023
Mrs C Ellerton Vice-Chair 31st August 2023
Mr D. Bloor Co-opted 31st August 2025
Mrs C Neeson Parent Governor 21st October 2024
Miss E Kelly Parent Governor 20th October 2023
Mr T Barnes Vice- Chair 30th September 2024
Mrs C Butters Local Authority 31st December 2025
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