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Why learning Shakespeare and active learning helps

“An actor once described the rehearsal room to be a “place of possibilities.”  I think that’s also a wonderful description to apply to a classroom and it’s what we hope to create with our associate schools.”  

  • Jacqui O’Hanlon RSC Director of Learning

Active learning strategies and rehearsal room techniques – helping make learning stick

The practical approaches that theatres use to explore plays can be used very effectively to deepen children’s learning.  These approaches allow the children to develop a greater understanding, explore their ideas and be confident to use them in their learning.  Through these practical approaches the children develop a deeper understanding and a confidence to apply their understanding to their written work.

We are a Lead Associate School for The RSC and are working with other local schools to develop these strategies and the teaching of Shakespeare to children. 

The exploration of Shakespeare’s plays and language can greatly enhance the cultural capital that we provide for our learners.

“When we get up and act, it sticks in our heads, helps us understand the emotions the characters feel.  It is difficult to write about these but after you do the drama you feel it.  You remember the language and feelings.  You can then write about it.”  - Year 6 Springhead child

The prestigious Platinum Arts Mark is a recognition of work work the children and staff have been doing and our involvement in developing teaching of Shakespeare both locally and nationally.

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